Why choose Peach LDN?

Thats's a very good question, but we have some great answers to why you should shop with us.

The first reason is that you get beautiful, 24 carat plated gold and rhodium plated jewellery at an affordable price. This means that you can keep on shining without breaking the bank. All our pieces are dainty and can be worn for every occasion. 

The second reason is that we offer FREE uk delivery, yes you did read that right. All customers receive free shipping when they shop with us, not for any particular reason, just because we are really nice :)

We also donate £1 per sale to a charity that has been chosen at the beginning of the month. So far we have raised money for Fedmyfamily, Mind, Diabetes UK and this month we are donating to Endometriosis research. We have raised over £100 so far with your purchases which is absolutely amazing! 

The last reason is that you get a personal service. We don't have any robots replying to our emails, it's all done by lovely humans. This ensures that we get back to you efficiently and are able to help you with any queries that you may have. 

We hope you love Peach LDN as much as we do.