The best way to beat the January blues

January. A time of year when the only thing we have to look forward to is the hope that the sunshine will return in a few month's time. This blog will be about how you can make yourself feel better day to day this January, and give you some ideas and tips on how to get through the *literal* dark days.

1. Keep yourself busy. If you have a full-time job this should be quite easy to do. But as we are not commuting to work as much as we used too you can still find yourself stuck with some extra time that you don't know what to do with. One of the best things to do with this extra time is to learn a new skill, such as pottery, painting, or even video editing/ music-making. You could also use this extra time to cook dinner. A lot of people are used to having quick meals as they are starving when they get back from work late. Use your extra time that you would be sat on a train or in a car to make a delicious, healthy meal for yourself. It is very rewarding and you may find a great new recipe to cook for friends when we are allowed to have them over again.

2. Read more. I need to take my own advice as I would love to read more, I just get trapped in the hole that is Instagram/ TikTok/Facebook. Try and set aside yourself even 20 minutes a day to try and read that book that has been collecting dust on the shelf the past few months.

3. Self-care. During these months our skin can be resentful for the lack of sunlight, the masses of chocolate and cheese-eating after Christmas. Make sure you take real care of your skin every evening and start a routine before bed. Doing a nightly ritual will also help you to have a more restful sleep. I have also tried having hot water and lemon every morning and a miso soup every day for lunch (as a drink). My skin has already started to thank me for this and it definitely looks less dull.

4. Treat yourself. Whether you want to purchase a small thing such as a nice new pen to write in a journal or something more sparkly (like a pair of Peach LDN earrings), treating yourself every once in a while is a good way to make yourself feel better.

5. Exercise daily. Even if it is just a quick 10-minute yoga session your body will thank you. Try and get your heart rate up at least once a day, this will also produce hormones that will make you feel happy/ productive and determined throughout your day. It is always good to get some fresh air at least once a day as well.

We hope that if you are feeling a bit down this January that this list may help you even in the smallest of ways to make you feel better. Remember, if you do feel upset or sad that there is always someone you can talk to.

We hope you are keeping safe and well, from all of us, Stay Peachy x