Market stall guide for small businesses

Recently I went to my first real life market, where I met, spoke and sold to real life people - I know, crazy to think after the last year we have had. 

I had multiple of small businesses asking me how I found a market and what I would recommend that they take to their first market. So, I thought putting everything into a blog post would be super helpful as I know I would have loved the same considering I only had a 4 day notice! 

How do I find a market stall? 

I was actually contacted through Instagram and that's how I found the market stall I took part in. From this, I found a real wormhole of other markets that are currently taking applications. Obviously it all depends on where you are based, I'm based in surrey so I have only been looking at stalls in the surrey and London area.

How do I make my market stall stand out? 

I used a really colourful bunting and I also bought cute little jewellery stands,  I thought they really made my jewellery stand out. I also made a banner which showed my business logo for brand awareness. I brought a mirror with me which was really handy when customers were looking at the jewellery and trying it on. I also used cute props that matched my brand and I put information sheets into picture frames, this was a cute and affordable option and I also used dried flowers and a little basket to add another element.

How to take payment at my market stall? 

Cash is dead. I'm sorry to those who still carry hundreds of pounds on them (like who??) but when it comes to everyday people are using card and they are now more than ever due to hygiene reasons with cash and transmitting nasties. This is why I opted to buy the square reader. This AMAZING little tool was incredibly easy to use and my customers paid with ease. It works for contactless payments, chip and pin and also has a swipe card feature too. And the best part- it was only £22.80 including VAT! This was a no brainer for a small business like myself and it was delivered in 3 days which was perfect.  

 How much does it cost to have a stall at a market? 

The market I traded at was £30+VAT for the weekend day. I have seen other markets that are anything upwards form £70 on a weekday and then even more on a weekend so I was incredibly lucky to attend a market at this price considering it was my first one. 

Do you need insurance to run a market stall? 

Yes you do. I had to buy public liability and employers insurance to cover my partner that was assisting me on the day. This is just to ensure, if anything was to go wrong, that you are covered. 

I hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions I'll be more than happy to answer them for you :) You can email and I will get back to you.