5 free and easy ways to help a small business | Peach LDN

Do you ever struggle when you come across a small business that you love, but you can't afford to buy from them at the moment? You don't have to feel bad that you can't make a purchase from them at the minute. You can do these 5 very helpful things below that are quick and easy and will result in them generating more sales.

1. Like/ comment and sharing posts. This is 100% free and 100% effective. Social media platforms push content that has good interactions. By you commenting or sharing a small business post, a potential customer may see it and therefore buy something which helps out the small business.

2. Saving posts. This one is a real biggie in the eyes of Instagram and TikTok. By saving a post it's telling these social platforms that you are providing really good information. They like to see this and then again this will push a small business page to the top of the feed, resulting in a greater chance of them being seen by potential customers.

3. Recommend small businesses to family and friends. I like to save all posts in a folder on Instagram that I can refer back to if a family member or friend asks me for an idea for a birthday etc or if they need a recommendation. This way when someone asks 'I need to buy a new candle for a friend' you have a whole folder of small businesses that they are able to go to rather than supporting the likes of Amazon.

4. Leave a comment! This is great for everyone, a small business gets an interaction, therefore, gets pushed up the feed and if you're another small business commenting on a post, then you are reaching out to potential customers and getting your name out there. Lots of small business owners love receiving comments and feedback and will 9/10 get back to you.

5. Leave a review if you have bought something in the past. Leaving a review is free and easy but makes a huge impact. This is great for a brand's reputation and for increasing future sales by creating trust in their products. You don't have to write a super lengthy review that takes up lots of your valuable time, even just leaving 1 line is extremely helpful.

I hope that you found these tips beneficial and now you know how free and easy it is to make someone's day/year :)

Stay Peachy x